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Bro its an honor to be apart of your 1st Official COLAB with You, ShadowZaly and myself a few nights back only come again yesterday and had an absolute blast to say the least. Like I said in our Post show conversation, if I was to do a REVIEW on this game alone and it had to be a few words is simply; “LIKE PLAYING A MOVIE”. So many times its easy to get caught up in STFO (Stick to the Fuckin Objectives) and step back…Get immersed into the Game and ENJOY yourself which i feel at times many people get lost not doing that…aka trolls or the guys constantly talking sh*t in the Game Feed…Makes no sense. Its all about FUN.

When your having a FUN you PLAY BETTER but appreciate the game even more. This games appeal to me is that I feel it encourages you/people to step outside their “Norm” or comfort zone. What do I mean. Well we all have a Favorite Play Style, Loudouts, etc. But it’s easy onlly to just focus on that alone where I feel pepole would miss out on all the other great options found/seen in game that could totally expand a players skillset, but also logic dictates one who’s good at many things will most likely comeout a winner over somone really great on just ONE thing. Example clearly seen in game where I’ve never thought so much to use Mortars, but when I got the hang of it I literally felt like a 13 yr old again having a blast..literally! So i mixed things up this game for sure and will continue too. Especially the best part of the Colab ((PS You’ll See when I upload my Perspective/Capture)) was the insane Aeronautic Skills in the Plane with me as rear gunner both kicking ass!

WE WERE THE ONLY MEMBERS OF OUR WHO’LL TEAM TO BE IN THE SKY ALL THE WHILE THE ENEMY HAD 10+ Fighters/Bombers and we cleaned em out FTW!! Only 3 points left..


MANNNN INSANELY FUN! I guess this serves as my post after thoughts on the experience since I wasn’t able to stay to late after, and a VERY SPECIAL THANK YOU GOES OUT TO YOU ALL FANS/SUBS/LOYAL FOLLOWERS OF MINE & ALL YOU IN THE STREAM SHOWING UR SUPPORT & GIVING ME NICE COMMENTS & WISHING ME A GREAT NEW FUTURE & SOME OF YOU WHO DM’D ME ON TWITTER/MESSAGED ME WITH THOSE KIND MESSAGES. MAN IT MOTIVATES ME LIKE NO OTHER NOW IM BACK. AGAIN THANK YOU! IT YOU WHO KEEPS US GOING! ((I Keep it real, no BS, this is all from the Heart)) – Again rockin time! For sure we’ll do this again and maybe try attempting a SPLIT SCREEN so you can see both game-plays on Screen @ the sme time would be so sick for viewers! I mean, Im a VIEWER TOO, So I try think like what would I want to see. So its an idea. All in all my experience is a clrear 10 of 10 and give @The Bro Gamer an IMPERIAL PLATINUM AWARD & CERTIFIED CHANNEL….(Totally just made that up..lol…sounds good though) But seriously A+ work. “WE’RE SO OFFICIAL LIKE A REFEREE’S WHISTLE”! Your going to LOVE THE PLANE CAPTURE FRO REAR GUNNER BRO! MY 2 STREAMS w/YOU WILL BE UPLOADED TOMORROW! Have a wonderful day/night! God Bless! You all ROCK & Thank you for showing me the support i need!

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Author: the BRO GAMER - CEO of Cannilux inc.

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