#Squad has a #StarWars MOD! Its Fantastic


Check it out on the STEAM WORKSHOP TODAY!


And we are playing it #LIVE on the show for a bunch of hrs today !!!

Twitch.tv/theBroG 11am est

Today – #Starwars Empire at war – Forces of Corruption !!

1PM EST on TWITCH / theBroG


Check out the link above for more info on this game – it IS available on STEAM!

Battlefield 3 – One of the BEST BF games ever!

#baattlefield3 #bf3

And we have been doing a complete play through on the BRO SHOW!!!

https://twitch.tv/theBroG LIVE 11am EST

Battlefield 3 LIVE 11am EST


Stream Support and TIPS – TODAY on the Bro Show


Are you new to Twitch and Youtube? Want to make a go of it #streaming? Cmon by and chat!

https://twitch.tv/theBroG 11am EST

Just Chatting 11am EST

We will be discussing:

  1. How to setup Your account properly
  2. How to gain affiliate quickly
  3. and other questions asked in chat!
We are in this TOGETHER – MTFBWY