It has been an amazing journey so far!!!

What a FANTASTIC time it has been on Twitch !!

982 / 1000 FOLLOWERS

Streaming games like: Squad, Sea of Thieves, Empire at War and more! I have had a pure blast producing content for you all! As we enter the Bro Show season 6 – it will mark a continuing 6 year effort on Youtube and Twitch.

Content production is fun and rewarding – and it helps you stay creative whilst stuck in one spot. I can see myself continuing in one form or another – for many years to come!

Here’s to the start of the 6th SEASON of the BRO SHOW!

  • the Bro G

A Year in recap 2020 – 2021

Twitch and Youtube have been amazing creative outlets since the lockdown of 2020 March. Since that time we have grown on twitch to over 900 followers and more than 50 subscribers on Twitch. On Youtube we continue to show grow as well!

A sincere THANK YOU to all who support the Bro Show!

Call of Duty WARZONE

We would not have gotten this far without YOU! (points at you)


And for this we THANK YOU GREATLY!

Squad – Montage

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and once again, THANK YOU!

  • The Bro G


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Having a 0 death round in this game is near impossible, with all the random and chaotic gaming going on at times. Take a look at this RARE opportunity to witness an alpha level squad in action from start to finish… Ignore the helicopter accident in the start 😛

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Making NEW Waves – Content Creation


After taking a break from YOUTUBE I am BACK at making videos, whilst live streaming Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday on Twitch.

My FIRST MEME in years lol 😀

It has taken a bit to get my live legs, but now that I am confident in some new games I am happy to bring new content to the table, ever training for the inevitable BATTLEFIELD 6 release.

The Evolution of THE BRO G on TWITCH TV

What I love most about this job is that you meet so many awesome people from the same mind frame as yourself. I am meeting veterans and soldiers from around the world, and unlike before where we were bonded by crap and sauce, we are now bonded by fun and stories.


In short I long to produce content full time, and may look into creating a new streamer pod cast to help others get their start!

Sometimes EVERYONE needs a HERO

I luv ya! I Appreciate Ya! and Ill see ya soon 😀

— the BRO G