Fallout 4 coming soon!

YES! the complete playthrough 😀 will be live on twitch at https://twitch.tv/thebrog


Come and see all the ways that YOU are SPECIAL!

THIS WEEKEND – we will be assisting with a 24hr stream to benefit TEXAS!

Join us for SQUAD and BATTLEFIELD as we assist MVG members with a fundraiser!

STARTING 0800 CST 27 FEB 2021

https://www.twitch.tv/aboutshaw <<< MVG TEAM LEADER!


the Bro G – back in the day!

A HUGE UPGRADE – now in 1080p 60fps

THAT’s RIGHT! The Bro Show is now in 1080p 60fps – special thanks to Cogeco ISP!

https://www.twitch.tv/videos/920165247 <<<<<<<<<<< 1080p CLIP!

ENJOY 😀 see you live daily on TWITCH @ Twitch.tv/thebrog

Luv ya – BRUV ya!

Call of Duty, Squad and Sea of Thieves!?


ITs true! I am playing all three of these games these days and I love the combination: Here’s why!

COD, gives you fast paced – hard hitting action with very little coms.

SQUAD, gives you slow and FAST paced action with intense communication.

Sea of thieves is fun to be a pirate!

Thank YOU for paying attention lol see you live on twitch DAILY


It has been an amazing journey so far!!!

What a FANTASTIC time it has been on Twitch !!

982 / 1000 FOLLOWERS

Streaming games like: Squad, Sea of Thieves, Empire at War and more! I have had a pure blast producing content for you all! As we enter the Bro Show season 6 – it will mark a continuing 6 year effort on Youtube and Twitch.

Content production is fun and rewarding – and it helps you stay creative whilst stuck in one spot. I can see myself continuing in one form or another – for many years to come!

Here’s to the start of the 6th SEASON of the BRO SHOW!

  • the Bro G

A Year in recap 2020 – 2021

Twitch and Youtube have been amazing creative outlets since the lockdown of 2020 March. Since that time we have grown on twitch to over 900 followers and more than 50 subscribers on Twitch. On Youtube we continue to show grow as well!

A sincere THANK YOU to all who support the Bro Show!

Call of Duty WARZONE

We would not have gotten this far without YOU! (points at you)


And for this we THANK YOU GREATLY!

Squad – Montage

Swing by TWITCH at https://twitch.tv/thebrog

or check out the official YOUTUBE at https://youtube.com/thebrogamerofficial

and once again, THANK YOU!

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