SQUAD is my favorite game!

and heres why 😀

I really like the game SQUAD

Its immersive, and fun. The community is a great group of people, and you always have a blast playing!! Here is a recent clip from a stream this past weekend! Enjoy 😀

Hit me up 11am Mon – Friday on twitch and SAT SUN at 1pm est!

Make sure to check out https://joinsquad.com/ for the official SQUAD website!! #JoinSquad

11am and 1pm 😀

Streaming as a profession?

Streaming as a Profession: By The Bro G

I have to say through I have experience from YOUTUBE I never thought it would be this fun to stream live on a medium where it is fostered. Twitch is allowing me to directly connect with not only Viewers but Content with creators as well. Through raids and support like subscriptions we are able to forge alliances that stand the test of time and politics.

Various Games like: SQUAD and POST SCRIPTUM foster a supportive gameplay environment that allows new players to enter with ease, whilst allowing experienced players to lead and command. I have never had such a great time gaming as I have had playing these two games. Not based solely off game-play but rather the community involved.

Streaming takes up a portion of my day now as I build my brand awareness and reach out to new levels. It is a defined goal of mine to attend the VERY next twitchcon that is hosted. I truly enjoy the interaction on a daily basis one receives from streaming. I have watched lifetime friendship evolve from simple text and we need to emulate this practices in the real world far more often… now that i think of it, every day I stream – it becomes more real. To me anyway

– the Bro

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