Today on the Bro Show!


Starting at 12PM EST

I really really enjoy streaming: Working with new streamers and viewers to create content is amazing! THANK YOU all for your LOVE and SUPPORT!!

#Squad has a #StarWars MOD! Its Fantastic


Check it out on the STEAM WORKSHOP TODAY!

And we are playing it #LIVE on the show for a bunch of hrs today !!! 11am est


#JoinSquad on #Twitch

I hype up before every show!

Usually with 90s songs lol

I find it helps bring more energy and enthusiasm to the show!

oh hell yes !!

Today on the SHOW we are playing #SQUAD check out for more info!

Latest SQUADtage <<<<<<<<<<<< catch me live here !!

B20 is NOW officially RELEASED! #JoinSquad

With the release of B20 we see a brand new map set in the country of Afghanistan, now allied nation. is the full note break down! Look forward to watching B20 LIVE on my show today at 11am EST!

Squad LIVE on twitch – click the pic!

Make sure to check out Squads official website @