#Lockdown procedure!

During this unprecedented time the BRO G will be live almost daily until lockdown in Canada concludes!

https://twitch.tv/thebrog starting at 0900 hrs est most days!

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Username: TheBroG

Stream Times: Mon – Tues – Fri 7pm / Sun 1pm

Games: Squad, Battlefield, anything military or shooter really…

Current Follower Count:

– Twitch = 644 https://twitch.tv/thebrog

– Youtube = 1.15K https://youtube.com/thebrogamerofficial

– Twitter = 4k https://twitter.com/canniluxceo

– Facebook = 37 https://www.facebook.com/gaming/theBROGAMERx/

– Instagram = 1244 https://instagram.com/canniluxceo

ITs all about creating that FULL circle for your viewers, making the LIVE element the finale in their journey of discovery! ANY one looking to collab – reach out 🙂

the Bro G