Sunday FUN-Day, Featuring: The Forest


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#Skyrim #Theforest

Today – #Starwars Empire at war – Forces of Corruption !!

1PM EST on TWITCH / theBroG

Check out the link above for more info on this game – it IS available on STEAM!


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I hype up before every show!

Usually with 90s songs lol

I find it helps bring more energy and enthusiasm to the show!

oh hell yes !!

Today on the SHOW we are playing #SQUAD check out for more info!

Latest SQUADtage <<<<<<<<<<<< catch me live here !!

Scriptum DAMN NEAR killed em!!


Today on the bro Show its WW2 40’s style with POST SCRIPTUM!

a bridge tooooooooo far.

We go LIVE at 11:00 HRS EST with this graphic and accurate first person shooter!

Destroying 88’s on UTAH BEACH – cmon out and see!! :”D

You wont be sorry!! 😀

For more info on Post Scriptum or PS for short – check out