Official Stream team – MVG

I am PROUD to announce I have become the VERY FIRST Canadian / Foreign warrior to join the MVG OFFICIAL STREAM TEAM!


Check out Military Veteran Gamers Charity today !! Now over 8400 strong on discord.

ADHD, the Military, and Video Games


My name is the Bro g – and I play games. I am a former infantry soldier, police and fire fighter. Now I am an entrepreneur. – the other day I encountered a FANTASTIC discussion on ADHD and the military I want to share with you.

have a fantastic day,

The Bro G

Just GIVING IT away


Starting at 100 SUBSCRIBERS on TWITCH we will be giving away a bag of (CAF) coffee from BLACK RIFLE COFFEE COMPANY – once a week until all 29 bags are given out! Packages will include a magnet and sticker as well!!