1000 FOLLOWERS – in 10 Months!

Thank you all who support the BRO SHOW! We have reached over 1000 followers in only 10 months of https://Twitch.tv @ https://www.twitch.tv/videos/899424986 you can see what I mean!

Join Us Daily during Lockdown and on WEEKENDS for special SHOWS!

What a GREAT time to be a STREAMER / CONTENT creator!



I am having a BLAST in this new version of the BRO SHOW! This time around I am seeing FAR MORE interaction and FAR more organic growth!

I have been playing news games like:

  • #RedDeadRedemption2
  • #Squad
  • #HoldfastNAW
  • #PostScriptum
  • #Starwars and more!!!

Interaction with other creators and DIRECT interaction with viewers is an amazing and very rewarding experience. I enjoy it very much and THANK YOU ALL for over 614 followers in less than 6 moths!

THE SKY is the LIMIT! lets break through it – together!


We are proud to announce 424 followers in only 4 months!

Click the pic for a vid of the exact moment it happened!

Thank you all for your Luv and Support! It has been an amazing experience to be on twitch thus far. The creator commonwealth and gamer interaction is so much fun! I truly enjoy this job and long for the day I can do it full time.

https://www.twitch.tv/videos/670625816 <<<420 followers achieved

Thank you all again for your support, love and most importantly covering fire!!!


check me out LIVE TUES, THURS, SAT and SUN on TWITCH @ https://twitch.tv/theBroG