CYBERPUNK 2077 – A combination of Fallout and Watch Dogs – for the twitch review live reaction – CLICK HERE

My thoughts:

The game looks great! But what its lacking off the hop is a unique approach to gaming. We find a very common ground between FALLOUT series games / WATCH DOGS in this game. merely set a few years in the future.

We see a classic exaggeration of expected technological growth in only 40 years. We see a city that relies on cybernetics – but seems to be dirtier than the streets of MEGA city in JUDGE DREDD. Personally I do not like the lighting and graphics thus far – tho I expect all of them to be overhauled with improvements as development progresses.

ONE key factor however is apparent in this title and that is they rushed to get it out before Christmas. After being delayed more than 8 times over the last 3 years.

My current rating is based on viewing not playing and sits at 2/5 NEEDS IMPROVEMENT. The hype thus far is not worth the 80.00 CDN for the title – and until online multiplayer is released with 0 glitches or bugs I do not see that rating changing. I will stick to SQUAD, Company of heroes and a vast array of other games that have a dynamic community to match!


the Bro G