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24hr Stream for WWP – Wounded Warrior Project


On May the 4th – 2021 we will be hosting a 24hr charity stream for https://www.woundedwarriorproject.org/ // in the tune of STAR WARS!

0700 hrs -> 0700 hrs
Join the Bro Gamer as he hosts this event in COSTUME!

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STREAM Schedule – April 2021




FRIDAY’s 0930 HRS – The Forest or OTHER Multiplayer Co-op

SATURDAY’s 09300 HRS – THE BRO SHOW (pretty much what ever I want including drunk singing)

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The Forest – NO Death RUN!


Scene: We open on an airplane. Your son is in the seat next to you when a fatal engine failure takes place… You awake on a island, and watch your SON being taken by some… thing.


After starting my stream yesterday discussing the upcoming – SONS of the FOREST title – Endnight games is producing currently… a thought occurred. WHAT IF I was to do a NO DEATH run of a game I have almost 800 hrs of fun and good times in?

a view from the bottom of the PIT!

Turns out it was a fantastic idea!

The Pit from above

The Forest is a survival Horror game that is VR friendly. It takes you to the end of sanity and back as you search this DANGEROUS land for your son. It takes the best of survival and PVE and smashes it into a fantastically designed story.

Half way down, do I jump? YEEEEET!

After finding various items like: The rebreather, climbing axe, chainsaw, flint lock pistol, samurai sword and crafting a vast array of others it was time to set out in search of MY SON.

SPOILER ALERT *** It turns out this ISLAND is not nature made at all!

“I am getting MAD halo vibes right now.” The Bro G

Once inside this … place we found our son. They had killed him! BUT there was a way to restore his life. ONLY one thing stood in my way.


I launched my first attack and followed up with fire and poison arrows. Once it was weak I threw EVERY explosive I had… It worked! I had defeated the CREATURE! Also known as Meghan…

Sadly it did NOT work… Something ELSE must be done!

With no live human samples on the island the choice was clear. To use the SAME device that brought us here – once again.

The Artifact was humming a blue aura and emitting a strange tingling feeling as I approached.
I looked up.

And I had one final choice to make… Sacrifice or Save my SON.

I contemplated staying on this island indefinitely. But after losing my wife, I was not about to loose him too!
The Bro G rates this game 4.5 / 5

This game is a fantastic design of horrifying poetry. It takes you on a claustrophobic journey infested with cannibals, monsters, and choice. This game is an AMAZING game and I rate it a firm 4.5 out of 5.

Watch the WHOLE playthrough on my twitch channel! twitch.tv/thebrog

https://www.twitch.tv/videos/962458738 <<< click the link to watch the NO DEATH run!