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I hype up before every show!

Usually with 90s songs lol

I find it helps bring more energy and enthusiasm to the show!

oh hell yes !!

Today on the SHOW we are playing #SQUAD check out https://joinsquad.com for more info!

Latest SQUADtage

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Premieres at 11 am EST



Having a 0 death round in this game is near impossible, with all the random and chaotic gaming going on at times. Take a look at this RARE opportunity to witness an alpha level squad in action from start to finish… Ignore the helicopter accident in the start 😛

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and check out https://joinsquad.com for more on this awesome game!

Hell Let Loose Update Review

#Review of #HellLetLoose

LIVE at 11am EST – Youtube.com/theBroGamerOfficial

See you on twitch at https://twitch.tv/theBroG

and check out Hell Let Loose and their official website at https://www.hellletloose.com/

Scriptum DAMN NEAR killed em!!


Today on the bro Show its WW2 40’s style with POST SCRIPTUM!

a bridge tooooooooo far.

We go LIVE at 11:00 HRS EST with this graphic and accurate first person shooter!

Destroying 88’s on UTAH BEACH

https://twitch.tv/thebrog – cmon out and see!! :”D

You wont be sorry!! 😀

For more info on Post Scriptum or PS for short – check out https://postscriptumgame.com

Making NEW Waves – Content Creation


After taking a break from YOUTUBE I am BACK at making videos, whilst live streaming Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday on Twitch.



My FIRST MEME in years lol 😀

It has taken a bit to get my live legs, but now that I am confident in some new games I am happy to bring new content to the table, ever training for the inevitable BATTLEFIELD 6 release.

The Evolution of THE BRO G on TWITCH TV

What I love most about this job is that you meet so many awesome people from the same mind frame as yourself. I am meeting veterans and soldiers from around the world, and unlike before where we were bonded by crap and sauce, we are now bonded by fun and stories.


In short I long to produce content full time, and may look into creating a new streamer pod cast to help others get their start!

Sometimes EVERYONE needs a HERO

I luv ya! I Appreciate Ya! and Ill see ya soon 😀

— the BRO G

We are proud to announce 424 followers in only 4 months!

Click the pic for a vid of the exact moment it happened!

Thank you all for your Luv and Support! It has been an amazing experience to be on twitch thus far. The creator commonwealth and gamer interaction is so much fun! I truly enjoy this job and long for the day I can do it full time.

https://www.twitch.tv/videos/670625816 <<<420 followers achieved

Thank you all again for your support, love and most importantly covering fire!!!


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