Making NEW Waves – Content Creation


After taking a break from YOUTUBE I am BACK at making videos, whilst live streaming Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday on Twitch.

My FIRST MEME in years lol 😀

It has taken a bit to get my live legs, but now that I am confident in some new games I am happy to bring new content to the table, ever training for the inevitable BATTLEFIELD 6 release.

The Evolution of THE BRO G on TWITCH TV

What I love most about this job is that you meet so many awesome people from the same mind frame as yourself. I am meeting veterans and soldiers from around the world, and unlike before where we were bonded by crap and sauce, we are now bonded by fun and stories.


In short I long to produce content full time, and may look into creating a new streamer pod cast to help others get their start!

Sometimes EVERYONE needs a HERO

I luv ya! I Appreciate Ya! and Ill see ya soon 😀

— the BRO G

Author: the BRO GAMER - CEO of Cannilux inc.

the Bro Gamer - PRO SQUAD MATE - #thebrogamer / Founder of Cannilux inc. and creator of BRO STUDIOS! Host of - the BRO SHOW

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