Lights, Camera, ACTION!

BRO STUDIOS is under-construction over the next few weeks – to bring you an OUTSTANDING season 3 of the BRO SHOW!


SEPT 6th 2017 – DESTINY 2 WILL KICK OFF our headline series for the year with a BANG!


AFTER an EPIC MONTH or TWO – STAR WARS hits the shelves and WE ARE THERE 3 days early to play IN COSTUME!

After an amazing summer i cant wait to get back to work! See you all in the FALL! – the BRO

Author: the BRO GAMER - CEO of Cannilux inc.

the Bro Gamer - PRO SQUAD MATE - #thebrogamer / Founder of Cannilux inc. and creator of BRO STUDIOS! Host of - the BRO SHOW

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