EPIC EPISODE – Friday Night Battlefield new standard! 2K Broadcasting…

THAT’S RIGHT last night we shot – w 0% dropped frames our first 2k EPISODE!

3-3-2017-10NOW USING – PRO LIGHTING and 2K CAMERAS – we intend to bring VIDEO GAME reporting on YOUTUBE to Electric Playground Levels!

THE BRO – sniper shot like a champ!

RODE – in a dealt with SNIPERS…

CO STARRING – The Metal Gamer, Imperial PC Gamer, Shadowzaly and Lama!


LAST NIGHT WAS EPIC DUE TO THE FACT – we were able to help a starting stream/video ER,  get his motivation! Sometimes all someone needs is someone to tell them to JUMP! Then just stand back and watch how far they go!

SEE YOU ALL – Monday at 10am EST for some awesome RAINBOW 6 SIEGE action!

2k! 1440p 30fps… the NEW BRO STUDIO standard!